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Table 1 Influence of eluent additives in the synthesis of the intermediate product [18F]11

From: [18F]Atorvastatin: synthesis of a potential molecular imaging tool for the assessment of statin-related mechanisms of action

Eluent additiveElution efficiencyaTLC conversionHPLC purity[18F]11 yieldb
Bis(trimethylneopentylammonium) oxalate75%83%80%50%
Kryptofix 222, K2C2O486%59%48%24%
Tetraethylammonium bicarbonate54%34%50%9%
Tetrabutylammonium chloride62%91%82%46%
Sodium acetate12%10%15%0.2%
Silver acetate67%29%82%16%
Silver triflate65%69%36%16%
Sodium oxalate54%52%71%20%
  1. aCalculated by the ratio between the [18F]fluoride trapped in the anion exchange cartridge (45-PS-HCO3) and the radioactivity recovered (without reversing the cartridge) in the reaction vial
  2. bNon-isolated 18F-deoxyfluorination yield based on radio-TLC and radio-HPLC analysis of the crude product and having in consideration the elution efficiency resulting from the salt additive used in relation to the starting radioactivity. The final percentage of [18F]11 yield was determined by multiplying the elution efficiency with radio-TLC conversion of the starting [18F]fluoride and with radio-HPLC purity (n ≥ 2)