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Table 4 Human dosimetry data for different DAT PET tracers compared to [123I]FP-CIT

From: Whole-body biodistribution and radiation dosimetry of [18F]PR04.MZ: a new PET radiotracer for clinical management of patients with movement disorders

  [18F]PR04.MZ [18F]FE-PE2I [18F]FP-CIT [123I]FP-CIT
Highest organ absorbed dose [mGy/MBq] Gallbladder wall: 3.22E−02 Urinary bladder wall: 1.19E−01 Urinary bladder wall: 5.86E−02 Urinary bladder wall: 5.35E−02
2nd highest organ absorbed dose [mGy/MBq] Urinary bladder wall: 2.72E−02 Liver: 4.6E−02 Lungs: 1.92E−02 Lungs: 4.25E−02
3rd highest organ absorbed dose [mGy/MBq] Red marrow: 2.65E−02 Pancreas: 3.1E−02 Liver: 1.86E−02 Lower large intestine: 4.24E−02
Effective dose equivalent—ICRP 26 [mSv/MBq] 1.20E−02 2.44E−02
Effective dose—ICRP 60 [mSv/MBq] 1.63E−02 2.3E−02 2.35E−02
Effective dose—ICRP 103 [mSv/MBq] 1.66E−02
Dose calculation software IDAC-Dose 2.1 IDAC 2.0 MIRDOSE 3 MIRDOSE 3.1
Reference This study [22] [23] [27]