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Table 3 Statistical significance of the difference in SUV values between grades of myocardial uptake

From: Quantitative SPECT/CT parameters of myocardial 99mTechnetium-3,3-diphosphono-1,2-propanodicarboxylic acid (DPD) uptake in suspected cardiac transthyretin amyloidosis

  1. SUV, standardized uptake value; SMaT20, SUVmean using a segmentation threshold of 20% SUVmax; SMaT40, SUVmean using segmentation threshold of 40%SUVmax; SMaT60, segmentation threshold of 60% SUVmax; Bones, SUVmean bones; Lungs, SUVmean lungs; Soft tissue, SUVmean soft tissue; Liver, SUVmean liver
  2. Green, blue and orange cells represent p values lower than 0.05, between 0.05 and 0.1 and higher than 0.1, respectively
  3. *Only 2 points for grade 1