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Table 1 List of compounds that were administered to mice before injections of radiolabeled DARPins

From: On the prevention of kidney uptake of radiolabeled DARPins

CompoundSuggested mechanism of action in the kidneyRoute of administrationAdministration respective to the radiolabeled DARPinDoseLD50
LysineBlocks megalin ligand-binding domainsi.v.Co-injection1200 mg/kg4000 mg/kg (i.p., rat)
GelofusineBlocks megalin ligand-binding domainsi.v.Co-injection160 mg/kgn/a
Sodium maleateInhibits ATP-mediated endocytosisi.v.5 min before480 mg/kg600 mg/kg (i.p., rat) 3380 mg/kg (oral, rat)
MannitolDiuretic, reduces contact time with scavenger receptorsi.v.5 min before480 mg/kg7470 mg/kg (i.v., mouse)
FurosemideDiuretic, reduces contact time with scavenger receptorsi.v.5 min before3 mg/kg800 mg/kg (i.p., rat)
FructoseInhibits ATP-mediated endocytosisi.p.5 min before10,800 mg/kg (60 mmol/kg)15,000 mg/kg (83 mmol/kg)
ProbenecidReduces renal excretion of drugs by inhibiting organic anion transporteri.p.1 h before24 mg/kg1000 mg/kg (i.p., mouse)
ColchicineInhibits recycling of megalin by disrupting microtubulesi.p.5 h before1.2 mg/kg1.6 mg/kg (i.p., mouse)