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Table 1 Summary of contingency table statistics for scan parameters

From: Quantitative 18F-FDG PET-CT scan characteristics correlate with tuberculosis treatment response

         No. that met criteria (n = 96)
ParameterP valueRelative risk95% CISensSpecPPVNPVAUCCriteriaCuredFailRecur
TGAI change M6< 0.00016.972.53–19.220.800.750.460.940.80< 80%1979
TGAIcom change M6< 0.00016.672.42–18.400.800.740.440.930.8080%2079
Cavity M6< 0.0014.362.09–9.120.550.860.520.880.65> 7 ml1074
Cav change M6< 0.014.301.91–9.640.650.790.450.900.68< 60%1667
M6 TGAIcom< 0.0014.051.98–8.320.500.880.520.870.68> 1000964
TGAI M6< 0.0014.051.98–8.330.500.880.530.870.69> 600964
Cavwall M60.003.951.90–7.900.500.880.530.870.70≥ 3 mm964
Mixed response M60.022.861.30–6.310.600.720.360.87N/AIntensified2184
Vtotal M60.052.201.03–4.560.450.770.350.840.64> 7%1763
SUVmax M60.191.820.85–3.850.500.680.290.840.60> 42464
Cav change M10.012.801.33–5.920.500.800.400.860.52< 33%1555
Cavity M10.042.501.18–5.320.350.870.410.840.57> 20 mm31061
TGAI change M10.072.241.05–4.780.400.820.360.840.67< 5%1444
TGAIcom change M10.161.800.83–3.890.400.760.310.830.6615%1835
Vtotal change M60.012.891.39–5.770.400.870.440.850.66< 50%1053
Cavity Dx0.181.720.79–3.710.450.720.290.830.53> 16.5 ml2263
  1. Ranked according to relative risk of unfavourable outcome. Fisher exact test was performed to determine significance. Sens (sensitivity), spec (specificity), PPV (positive predictive value), NPV negative predictive value. Change (change from baseline), intensified (at least one intensified or new lesion), month 6 (M6), percentage change from baseline to M6 (change), total glycolytic activity index (TGAI), composite TGAI (TGAIcom), cavity wall thickness (Cavwall), total abnormal density volume (Vtotal)