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Table 4 The accuracy of the prediction models for recurrence, metastasis, and overall survival in the training set and validated in the validation set. For the recurrence prediction, the combination of HPV, SUVmean, SUVpeak, factors 3, 4, and 6 was most accurate. For the metastasis prediction, the use of only MATV was most accurate. For overall survival prediction, the combination of HPV, SUVmax, SUVmean, factors 1 and 5 was most accurate

From: Predictive value of quantitative 18F-FDG-PET radiomics analysis in patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Final prediction models Training set Validation set
Patients Events Concordance index SE Patients Events Concordance index SE
Recurrence prediction model
HPV, SUVmean, SUVpeak, factor 3, factor 4, factor 6
103 27 0.779 0.050 71 19 0.645 0.071
Metastasis prediction model
103 10 0.657 0.093 71 18 0.627 0.094
Overall survival prediction model
HPV, SUVmax, SUVmean, factor 1, factor 5
103 37 0.751 0.045 71 22 0.764 0.052
  1. Events: amount of recurrences in the recurrence prediction model; amount of distant metastases in the metastasis prediction model; amount of deaths in the overall survival prediction model
  2. SE standard error