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Table 4 Mean organ radiation doses (mSv/MBq). Adult male and female values were based on the residence times measured in males and females, respectively (n = 2, each). For the adolescent calculation, the 4 residence time values were used, with the exception of reproductive organs

From: Human adult and adolescent biodistribution and dosimetry of the synaptic vesicle glycoprotein 2A radioligand 11C-UCB-J

  55-kg female 70-kg male 15-year-old adolescents
Mean +/− Mean +/− Mean +/−
Adrenals 3.71E03 9.19E05 2.96E03 8.49E05 3.63E03 9.57E05
Brain 2.31E−02 2.83E−04 1.38E−02 7.78E−04 1.87E−02 1.75E−03
Breasts 1.86E03 1.84E04 1.63E03 9.90E05 1.94E03 1.52E04
Gallbladder wall 1.40E−02 2.33E−03 1.03E−02 3.66E−03 1.39E−02 3.37E−03
LLI wall 2.34E−02 8.13E−03 2.06E−02 6.36E−04 2.66E−02 5.84E−03
Small intestine 2.95E03 1.77E04 2.71E03 1.41E05 3.22E03 1.75E04
Stomach wall 6.71E03 4.36E03 6.95E03 4.46E03 7.88E03 4.38E03
ULI wall 3.03E03 8.49E05 2.62E03 2.12E05 3.05E03 1.21E04
Heart wall 4.97E03 6.15E04 3.91E03 1.20E04 5.12E03 4.70E04
Kidneys 1.07E02 3.54E04 9.56E03 1.05E03 1.18E02 8.38E04
Liver 2.48E−02 1.27E−03 1.48E−02 7.78E−04 2.17E−02 3.87E−03
Lungs 6.20E03 3.34E03 4.27E03 4.81E04 6.23E03 2.55E03
Muscle 2.21E03 6.36E05 2.00E03 6.36E05 2.33E03 1.38E04
Ovaries 3.46E03 4.24E04    3.53E03 4.17E04
Pancreas 3.91E03 4.67E04 2.83E03 2.97E04 4.12E03 4.23E04
Red marrow 2.39E03 4.95E05 2.05E03 5.66E05 2.46E03 9.25E05
Osteogenic cells 3.40E03 1.98E04 2.81E03 1.41E04 3.47E03 2.46E04
Skin 1.72E03 9.90E05 1.55E03 7.78E05 1.80E03 1.28E04
Spleen 4.69E03 6.36E05 4.50E03 1.70E04 5.50E03 1.81E04
Testes    1.92E03 1.41E05 2.40E03 1.41E05
Thymus 2.19E03 2.55E04 1.92E03 1.27E04 2.31E03 2.02E04
Thyroid 1.84E03 1.84E04 1.89E03 1.13E04 2.25E03 1.93E04
Urinary bladder wall 2.18E−02 9.19E−03 2.24E−02 7.00E−03 2.43E−02 8.13E−03
Uterus 3.18E03 3.46E04    3.23E03 3.39E04
Total body 3.48E03 4.95E05 2.75E03 4.95E05 3.47E03 5.56E05
Effective dose (mSv/MBq) 8.20E03 1.69E03 6.97E03 8.70E04 8.79E03 1.25E03