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Table 5 Comparison of effective whole body doses for 18F tracers found in the literature

From: Human biodistribution and internal dosimetry of 4-[ 18F]fluorobenzyl-dexetimide: a PET radiopharmaceutical for imaging muscarinic acetylcholine receptors in the brain and heart

AuthorTracerEffective dose (μSv/MBq)Number of subjectsMeasure of error
This work18F-DEX19.70±2.27595% CI
ICRP publication 106 [14]18F-FDG19.0  
O’Keefe et al. [15]18F-BAY94-917214.67±1.393SD
Doss et al. [16]18F-RGD-K517.2±0.64SD
Bottlaender et al. [17]18F-fluoro-A-8538019.4 (17.8,21.8)3Range