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Fig. 4

From: A pretargeted multimodal approach for image-guided resection in a xenograft model of colorectal cancer

Fig. 4

Near-infrared fluorescence images (b, c) and microSPECT/CT images (a, d) of a mouse with a CEA-expressing intraperitoneal LS174T tumor (arrow) 2 h after administration of 111In-RDC018. Pre-resection, the tumor can be clearly localized using microSPECT/CT (a, white arrow) and near-infrared fluorescence imaging (b, white arrow). Subsequently, after euthanization, the tumor was resected with fluorescence image guidance (c, white arrow). Finally, a post-resection microSPECT/CT was acquired (d) confirming the complete resection of the tumor nodule. The radio signal of the renal clearance of 111In-RDC018 can also be observed in a and d

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