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Fig. 3

From: Preclinical investigations and first-in-human application of 152Tb-PSMA-617 for PET/CT imaging of prostate cancer

Fig. 3

Physiological biodistribution of 152Tb-PSMA-617 on PET/CT scans (MIP images) obtained at a 50 min, b 2 h, c 18.5 h, and d 25 h, respectively, after injection of 140 MBq 152Tb-PSMA-617. Physiological accumulation of the radioligand is observed in the blood pool (decreasing over time), lacrimal, parotid, and submandibular glands (strong), the nasopharyngeal mucosa as well as in the liver, spleen (faint), and the intestinal tract (increasing over time). Uptake in the kidneys and retention of activity in the urinary bladder are due to renal excretion of 152Tb-PSMA-617. Mild background activity of the radioligand was observed in normal tissue which decreased over time

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