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Table 1 Composition of the tested mobile phases

From: Development and evaluation of a rapid analysis for HEPES determination in 68Ga-radiotracers

Mobile phase Composition (v/v)
A (Ph. Eur.) ACN/H2O (3/1)
B ACN/H2O/MeOH (15/3/2)
C ACN/0.25 M NaOAc (3/1)
D ACN/H2O/MeOH (15/5/1)
E H2O/MeOH (1/1)
F ACN/H2O/MeOH (13/3/4)
G ACN/NaOAc/MeOH (15/3/2)
H ACN/MeOH (4/1)
I ACN/H2O/MeOH (11/4/3)
J ACN/MeOH (1/1)