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Table 2 Results of PET/CT imaging (patient-based) and impact on patient’s management

From: 18F-FDG and 68Ga-somatostatin analogs PET/CT in patients with Merkel cell carcinoma: a comparison study

Patient Pre-PET/CT morphological imaging 18F-FDG PET/CT 68Ga-SRI PET/CT Change in management Patient management Follow-up (months) Outcome
Type Result (findings) Results (findings) Results (findings) Expected Undertaken
1 CT Positive (residual primary MCC, Lns) TP (residual primary MCC, Lns, liver) TP (primary MCC, Lns) Yes Local RT CHT 9 Dead in PD
2a CT Positive (Lns) TP (Lns) TP (Lns) No CHT CHT 8 Dead in PD
3 CT Positive/suspicious (lung) TN TN Yes Individualized treatment Wait and see 67 Alive, NED
4 CT Positive (1 residual Ln) TP (1 Ln) TP (1 Ln) No Surgery + RT (lymph node) Surgery + RT (lymph node) 34 Dead in PD
5 US Negative TN TN No Adjuvant RT (loco-regional lymph nodes) Adjuvant RT (loco-regional lymph nodes) 54 Alive, NED
6 CT Positive/suspicious (Lns, liver) TN TN Yes CHT Adjuvant RT (loco-regional lymph nodes) 52 Alive, NED
7 CT, MRI Positive (residual primary MCC) TP (residual primary MCC) TP (primary MCC) No CHT CHT 43 Alive, NED
8 CT Positive (Lns) TP (Lns) TP (Lns) Yes CHT SS analogs treatment 8 Dead in PD
9 CT Negative FP# (skin) FP# (skin) No Adjuvant RT (primary site + loco-regional lymph nodes) Adjuvant RT (primary site + loco-regional lymph nodes) 27 Alive, NED
10* US Negative TN FP§ (liver) No Wait and see Wait and see 66 Dead (MCC-unrelated)
11* US Positive/suspicious (Lns) TP (Lns, skin) TP (Lns, skin) No CHT CHT 21 Dead in PD
12 CT, US Negative TN TN No Wait and see Wait and see 122 Alive, NED
13 CT, US Negative TN TN No Wait and see Wait and see 118 Alive, NED
14* US Positive (Lns) TP (Lns, thoracic wall, adrenals) TP (Lns, thoracic wall, adrenals) No CHT CHT 7 Dead in PD
15* CT Positive (Lns) TP (Lns) TP (Lns) No CHT CHT 9 Dead in PD
  1. PET/CT positron emission tomography/computed tomography, 18F-FDG 18F-fluoro-deoxy-glucose, 68Ga-SRI 68Ga-somatostatin receptor imaging, CT computed tomography, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, US ultrasonography, MCC Merkel cell carcinoma, Lns multiple lymph nodes, Ln lymph node, TP true positive, TN true negative, FP false positive, RT radiotherapy, CHT chemotherapy, SS somatostatin, PD progression disease, NED no evidence of disease
  2. *Patient with recurrent/relapsed MCC
  3. #Radiotracer uptake at the site of primary MCC removal, then attributed to cutaneous post-surgical inflammation
  4. §Focus of liver activity not confirmed at following imaging