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Fig. 1

From: Visualization of ischemic stroke-related changes on 18F-THK-5351 positron emission tomography

Fig. 1

18F-THK-5351 retention patterns in an ischemic stroke patient (case 6). a The acute ischemic location on diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI). b, c The FLAIR images and 18F-THK-5351 PET images taken 3 months after stroke, respectively. d The fused DWI and 18F-THK-5351 PET images. Common off-target binding of the 18F-THK-5351 is observed in the bilateral striatum, thalamus, and brainstem. Additionally, the 18F-THK-5351 retention is asymmetrically increased in the remote and peri-infarct areas and decreased in the infarct core

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