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Fig. 4

From: Evaluation of hepatic integrin αvβ3 expression in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) model mouse by 18F-FPP-RGD2 PET

Fig. 4

Left ventricle time activity curves after 18F-FPP-RGD2 injection in mice fed a control (a) or methionine choline-deficient, l-amino acid-defined, high-fat diet (CDAHFD) (b) (n = 5 per group). Sixty micrograms of c(RGDfK) was co-injected with 18F-FPP-RGD2 into each group for the blockade study (n = 3 per group). white circle, control 3 weeks; black circle, CDAHFD 3 weeks; white triangle, control 3 weeks + cRGDfK; black triangle, CDAHFD 3 weeks + cRGDfK; white square, control 8 weeks; black square, CDAHFD 8 weeks; white diamond, control 8 weeks + cRGDfK; and black diamond, CDAHFD 8 weeks + cRGDfK

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