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Table 4 Sensitivity, specificity and accuracy for SUVmax and TBratio at optimal cut-offs, determined for standard- and small-voxel PET

From: Diagnostic implications of a small-voxel reconstruction for loco-regional lymph node characterization in breast cancer patients using FDG-PET/CT

   Optimal cut-off Sensitivity Specificity Accuracy
SUVmax Standard-voxels 1.8 81% 95% 85%
Small-voxels 2.6 78% 98% 84%
TBratio Standard-voxels 2.4 80% 82% 80%
Small-voxels 3.3 84% 77% 82%
  1. The use of small-voxel images requires higher SUV cut-offs for accurate lymph node characterization. Furthermore, SUVmax showed a higher performance as compared to TBratio, with p = 0.04 for standard-voxels and p < 0.001 for small-voxels. However, the characterization performances were similar for standard- and small-voxel images, with p = 0.11 for SUVmax and p = 0.29 for TBratio
  2. SUV max maximum standardized uptake value, TB ratio ratio between the lymph node SUVmax and the lymph node background uptake, PET positron emission tomography