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Table 2 Summary of TF and PBF

From: Quantitative pulmonary blood flow measurement using 15O-H2O PET with and without tissue fraction correction: a comparison study

  1 ‐ V air (TF) F (mL/min/cm3) F corr (mL/min/cm3) \( {F}_{corr^{\hbox{'}}} \) (mL/min/cm3)
Mean 0.30±0.06 1.4±0.3 5.0±0.6a 5.3 ±0.6a
Skewness 0.6±0.3 1.2±0.5 0.9±0.4a 0.9±0.4a
Kurtosis 2.5±0.5 6.5±2.6 4.3±1.4a 4.6±1.6a
  1. aThe TF-corrected values differed significantly from those without TF correction (Mann–Whitney U test; P < 0.05)