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Table 3 Top: Correlation matrix of Pearson correlation coefficients between the mean voxel-scale parameters across the twenty tumours studied using the 2-h data sets. Bottom: Population-averages of the corresponding voxel-scale rate coefficients; values are shown in units of h −1. Standard deviations of mean values across patients are indicated in parentheses. Also shown is the population average k eq value, which was calculated from fits to data from all voxels in each tumour, as described in the text

From: Impact of tissue transport on PET hypoxia quantification in pancreatic tumours

  k 3 K eq k b v d
k 3 0.57 0.86 −0.59
K eq 0.57 0.18 −0.73
k b 0.86 0.18 −0.27
v d −0.59 −0.73 −0.27
  k 3 K eq k b k eq
  0.30 (0.20) 0.17 (0.15) 0.14 (0.08) 0.44 (0.29)