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Table 1 Absorbed dose per unit of orally administered 99mTc-pertechnetate and 131I-iodide activity calculated with IDAC-Dose2.1 or DCAL

From: IDAC-Dose 2.1, an internal dosimetry program for diagnostic nuclear medicine based on the ICRP adult reference voxel phantoms

Organ IDAC-Dose2.1 DCAL
99mTc-pertechnetate 131I-iodide
Adult male Adult female Adult male Adult female Adult male Adult female
Adrenals 8.7E−03 1.0E−02 9.0E−02 1.0E−01 9.0E−02 1.0E−01
Brain 1.6E−03 1.9E−03 5.9E−02 8.9E−02 5.9E−02 8.9E−02
Breast 2.8E−03 2.4E−03 6.4E−02 1.4E−01 6.4E−02 1.4E−01
Colon wall 3.2E−02 3.5E−02 6.7E−02 6.4E−02 6.7E−02 6.4E−02
Endosteum (bone surface) 5.1E−03 6.8E−03 1.0E−01 1.3E−01 1.0E−01 1.3E−01
ET region 1.7E−03 2.3E−03 5.5E−01 8.2E−01 5.5E−01 8.2E−01
Eye lenses 1.0E−03 1.3E−03 6.0E−02 9.6E−02 6.0E−02 9.6E−02
Gallbladder wall 1.2E−02 8.4E−03 7.5E−02 8.9E−02 7.5E−02 8.9E−02
Heart wall 8.2E−03 7.4E−03 2.4E−01 2.5E−01 2.4E−01 2.5E−01
Kidneys 1.1E−02 1.3E−02 2.0E−01 2.3E−01 2.0E−01 2.3E−01
Liver 8.4E−03 7.8E−03 1.4E−01 1.6E−01 1.4E−01 1.6E−01
Lungs 4.7E−03 4.9E−03 2.9E−01 3.3E−01 2.9E−01 3.3E−01
Lymphatic nodes 6.7E−03 7.5E−03 9.1E−01 9.7E−01 9.1E−01 9.7E−01
Muscle 2.6E−03 3.4E−03 8.9E−02 1.3E−01 8.9E−02 1.3E−01
Oesophagus 6.6E−03 6.6E−03 2.2E+00 2.5E+00 2.2E+00 2.5E+00
Oral mucosa 2.1E−03 2.7E−03 2.2E−01 5.0E−01 2.2E−01 5.0E−01
Ovaries 7.4E−03 5.9E−02 5.9E−02
Pancreas 1.6E−02 1.5E−02 8.7E−02 9.8E−02 8.7E−02 9.8E−02
Prostate 3.8E−03 5.4E−02 5.4E−02
Red (active) bone marrow 5.2E−03 7.4E−03 2.0E−01 2.4E−01 2.0E−01 2.4E−01
Salivary glands 7.3E−03 9.2E−03 4.4E−01 6.9E−01 4.4E−01 6.9E−01
Skin 1.7E−03 2.1E−03 5.7E−02 7.2E−02 5.7E−02 7.2E−02
Small intestine wall 1.1E−02 1.4E−02 5.6E−02 6.9E−02 5.6E−02 6.9E−02
Spleen 9.2E−03 1.3E−02 1.0E−01 1.2E−01 1.0E−01 1.2E−01
Stomach wall 3.1E−02 3.1E−02 5.8E−01 5.9E−01 5.8E−01 5.9E−01
Testes 1.9E−03 2.1E−02 2.1E−02
Thymus 3.0E−03 3.1E−03 2.4E+00 2.1E+00 2.4E+00 2.1E+00
Thyroid 4.2E−02 5.1E−02 3.6E+02 4.4E+02 3.6E+02 4.4E+02
Urinary bladder wall 6.0E−03 8.0E−03 1.2E−01 1.3E−01 1.2E−01 1.3E−01
Uterus/cervix 7.3E−03 6.8E−02 6.8E−02
Effective dose (publ. 60) [mSv/MBq] 1.3E−02 1.5E−02 1.9E+01 2.2E+01   
Effective dose (publ. 103) [mSv/MBq] 1.4E−02   1.6E+01   1.6E+01  
  1. Data are given in mGy/MBq unless otherwise noted. Effective dose was calculated using the two sets of tissue weighting factors given in ICRP Publications 60 and 103