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Table 2 SLNB findings, preliminary staging, LND findings, and final staging

From: The role of FDG-PET/CT in preoperative staging of sentinel lymph node biopsy-positive melanoma patients

SLNB findings, preliminary staginga, LND findings, and final stagingb
SLNB findings
 SLNB location
  Axillary lymph nodes 24
  Inguinal lymph nodes 24
  Cervical lymph nodes 3
  Popliteal fossa lymph nodes 1
   Total 120
   Per patient median (range) 2 (1-5)
   Total 65
   Per patient median (range) 1 (1-5)
 SLN tumor diameter mean (mm) 0.90
 Perinodal growth 3
Preliminary staging
 IIIA 24
 IIIB 18
LND findings
   Total 564
   Per patient median (range) 12 (3-45)
   Total 5
   Per patient median (range) 0 (0-1)
Final staging
 IIIA 24
 IIIB 18
  1. aPreliminary staging was done post-SLNB and pre-PET/CT
  2. bFinal staging was done post-LND
  3. SLNB sentinel lymph node biopsy, LND lymph node dissection, SLN sentinel lymph node, NSLN non-sentinel lymph node