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Table 2 Summary of imaging parameters at each centre

From: The relationship between endogenous thymidine concentrations and [18F]FLT uptake in a range of preclinical tumour models

Research Centre Injected dose (average, MBq) Measurement time PET scanner Reconstruction method
CRUK Cambridge Institute (CI) 8.3 60–65 min NanoScan PET/CT pre-clinical PET scanner (Mediso) 3D OSEM
AstraZeneca (AZ) 8.3 50–60 min Inveon Siemens PET scanner 2D FBP
Imperial College London (IC) 3.7 50–60 min Inveon Siemens PET scanner 2D OSEM
WMIC Manchester 9.5 57.5–62.5 and 55–65 min (FCT113 only) quadHIDAC small animal PET scanner (Oxford Positron Systems)
Inveon Siemens PET scanner (U87 and FCT113 only)