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Table 2 Parameter values fitted to the premature infants and newborns to 5-year-olds FDG model

From: Pharmacokinetic modeling of [18F]fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) for premature infants, and newborns through 5-year-olds

Parameter Premature 0- to 5-year-olds Adults
Plasma to erythrocytes (k1) 5.82E−02 5.31E−04 4.80E+00
Erythrocytes to plasma (k2) 1.16E−01 6.88E+01 8.07E+00
Plasma to fast brain (k3) 6.12E−02 3.70E−03 1.02E−01
Fast brain to plasma (k4) 1.30E−01 1.00E−01 1.30E−01
Fast brain to slow brain (k5) 6.62E−02 1.00E+00 6.20E−02
Slow brain to fast brain (k6) 9.57E−04 9.57E−04 6.80E−03
Plasma to lungs (k7) 7.20E−04 5.00E−06 1.70E−03
Lungs to plasma (k8) 6.46E−04 6.50E−04
Plasma to heart wall (k9) 1.72E−04 8.00E−07 5.30E−03
Heart wall to plasma (k10) 1.16E−07 5.50E−01
Plasma to kidneys (k11) 7.57E−04 2.75E−03
Kidneys to plasma (k12) 2.26E−02 5.50E−02
Plasma to fast liver (k13) 1.72E−02 2.00E−02 6.80E−02
Fast liver to plasma (k14) 2.19E−02 3.00E+00 2.19E−01
Fast liver to slow liver (k15) 1.20E−06 1.50E−03 1.80E−02
Plasma to fast “other” (k16) 1.32E+00 4.20E−02 3.71E−01
Fast “other” to plasma (k17) 2.76E+00 8.90E−02 1.02E−01
Fast “other” to slow “other” (k18) 3.62E−03 9.47E−03 1.67E−02
Blood volume fraction in brain 2.20E−02 1.35E−01 2.20E−01
Blood volume fraction in lungs 9.00E−02 3.00E−02 1.50E−01
Blood volume fraction in heart 2.50E−02 3.10E−02 6.90E−02
Blood volume fraction in liver 9.80E−02 2.43E−01