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Table 5 Patients with PET leading to correct and incorrect staging

From: Somatostatin receptor PET/CT in restaging of typical and atypical lung carcinoids

Patient ID Sex Age Histo Ki67 Additional CT information Additional PET information Change in management due to PET
PET leading to correct staging
#27a M 67 AC 2 1 liver, 2 bone SD bone, no salvage PRRT indicated
#8a F 63 AC 3   Liver cysts Follow-up, without intervention
#28a F 34 AC 15 3 bone, 3 others, Low tumor burden, wait and watch, no PRRT
#29a F 68 TC 5 2 liver Afterloading of liver metastases
#31a F 53 AC 20 2 bone TAE of liver metastases seen on CT and SR PET because of low tumor burden on bone
CT leading to correct staging
#1a F 74 AC 10 1 recurrent tumor in lung, 9 LN
#10b F 58 TC NA 8 PT
#12a M 59 AC 10 5 liver 1 LN
#30a F 50 AC 10 7 liver
  1. SD stable disease, LN lymph nodes, PT primary tumor, TAE transarterial embolization, PRRT peptide receptor radionuclide therapy, SR somatostatin receptor, TC typical carcinoid, AC atypical carcinoid, M male, F female, NA not available
  2. aRestaging
  3. bStaging