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Fig. 1

From: Evaluation of immune cell markers in tumor tissue treated with radioimmunotherapy in an immunocompetent rat colon carcinoma model

Fig. 1

Images of immunohistochemical sections after staining of T-cell markers. CD2 (T-cells, B-cells, NK cells), CD3 (T-cells), CD8α (cytotoxic T-cells, NK cells, DC subset) in sequential sections of paraffin-embedded tumors. The brown staining illustrates the immune cell markers and the blue staining illustrates the cell nuclei. All images show both granulation tissue (filled arrowhead) and tumor cell area (arrowhead). left: untreated tumors, right: tumor 3 days after administration of radioimmunoconjugate. Note that the decrease of CD8α-positive cells during this interval is less than that of CD2 and CD3. Scale bars: 100 μm

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