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Figure 3

From: Whole-body organ-level and kidney micro-dosimetric evaluations of 64Cu-loaded HER2/ErbB2-targeted liposomal doxorubicin (64Cu-MM-302) in rodents and primates

Figure 3

Primate PET/CT imaging and kidney micro-dosimetry. (a) MIP PET imaging time-course of a squirrel monkey treated with 64Cu-MM-302. Data from 0- to 1-h time-point was segmented into 10-min windows. (b) Time-activity curves of the total kidney (filled circles) and renal pelvis (open circles) generated from the primate PET/CT images. (c) Schematic representing the physiologically based pharmacokinetic model that was utilized to estimate the full dynamics of 64Cu signal from primate images. (d) Predicted blood pharmacokinetics of 64Cu-MM-302 based on data obtained at the imaging time points (red circles) fit to the primate pharmacokinetic model (red line). (e) Predicted kinetics of 64Cu accumulation based on data obtained in the total kidney (black circles) and renal pelvis (yellow circles) fit to the primate model for the total kidney (black line) and renal pelvis (yellow line). The inset illustrates accumulation of 64Cu signal in the total kidney over the 0- to 1-h imaging time, with each point representing one of the 10-min windows. All data are decay corrected to the time of injection.

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