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Figure 2

From: The ultimate radiochemical nightmare: upon radio-iodination of Botulinum neurotoxin A, the introduced iodine atom itself seems to be fatal for the bioactivity of this macromolecule

Figure 2

Phosphor imager picture of SDS-PAGE gel of the product from the 125 I-cetuximab labelling reaction. The 125I-cetuximab labelling reaction with 73.1, 112.2 and 150.0 MBq with miniaturized IODOGEN-coated mAb method demonstrating unaffected integrity with respect to the molecular weight. Conditions: 50 μg (0.33 nmol) cetuximab, 2.5 μg (5.7 nmol) IODOGEN, 250 μL reaction volume, 90-s reaction time.

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