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Figure 2

From: Imaging RAGE expression in atherosclerotic plaques in hyperlipidemic pigs

Figure 2

Vascular pathology. The top set of panels shows, from left to right, a cross-section of an H&E-stained carotid artery at ×4 magnification showing a thick cap fibroatheroma of proximal carotid artery and selected regions of the lesion in ×10 and ×40 with staining for RAGE, macrophages (Mac), and smooth muscle cells (SMCs). The lower panels show, on the left, the H&E sections from a proximal left circumflex lesion (LCx) (same lesion shown in Figure 3) and selected regions stained for RAGE, macrophages, and smooth muscle cells. The secondary antibody with HRP stained the target cells a reddish brown color.

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