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Figure 7

From: Post-radioembolization yttrium-90 PET/CT - part 1: diagnostic reporting

Figure 7

Patient 9.90 Y radioembolization of an organ other than the liver. KIT-negative GIST with bulky metastasis to the right adrenal gland, refractory to tyrosine kinase inhibitors. (a) Pre-radioembolization digital subtraction angiogram (DSA) with catheter tip in the right renal artery ‘R’ demonstrates the origin of the right inferior adrenal artery ‘A’ and the arterial trees of the adrenal tumor and right kidney. The catheter tip was advanced deep into the right inferior adrenal artery for 90Y radioembolization. (b) Post-radioembolization DSA with no change in catheter tip position demonstrates significant vascular stasis and reflux of contrast down the right inferior adrenal artery and distally into the terminal branches of the right renal artery (arrows). (c, d)90Y PET/CT depicts in high resolution, non-target activity conforming to the anatomy of the right renal cortex (arrows). (e, f) On 90Y bremsstrahlung SPECT/CT, non-target activity was indistinguishable from adjacent activity bloom in the coronal plane, but seen as low-grade, diffuse activity in the saggital plane (arrows).

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