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Figure 2

From: Pilot study of PET imaging of 124I-iodoazomycin galactopyranoside (IAZGP), a putative hypoxia imaging agent, in patients with colorectal cancer and head and neck cancer

Figure 2

PET/CT images of 18 F-FDG and 124 I-IAZGP in a head and neck cancer patient. (A to D) Coronal maximum intensity projection PET images of 18F-FDG acquired 3 days before 124I-IAZGP administration (A) and 124I-IAZGP acquired at 3 h (B), 6 h (C), and 27 h (D) post-administration in a patient with head and neck cancer. (E to G) Cross-sectional fused PET/CT images of the same patient comparing 18 F-FDG (E and F left, G top) with 124I-IAZGP at 6 h (E and F right, G bottom). No evidence of 124I-IAZGP uptake is seen in either the FDG-avid supraglottic larynx cancer or the approximately 2-cm lymph node. The clearance of 124I-IAZGP is similar to that seen in Figure 1, with a symmetric distribution of physiologic 124I in the salivary glands. Note that image intensities are not directly comparable and that the 18F-FDG image was acquired in the radiotherapy treatment position with the patient in a facial mask.

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