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Figure 6

From: Comparative study of 64Cu/NOTA-[D-Tyr6,βAla11,Thi13,Nle14]BBN(6-14) monomer and dimers for prostate cancer PET imaging

Figure 6

Biodistributions of 64 Cu-labeled NOTA-monomer, NOTA-dimer 1 and NOTA-dimer 2. Biodistributions are at 0.5 h post-injection in Balb/c female mice (four mice/group). Results are presented as mean %ID/g ± SD. The p value refers to the difference between NOTA-dimer 1 (black filled square) and NOTA-monomer (empty square) or NOTA-dimer 2 (stripped filled square) and NOTA-monomer. Asterisk, p < 0.05.

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