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Table 1 Data listed by mouse strains and tumor types

From: Quantitation of glucose uptake in tumors by dynamic FDG-PET has less glucose bias and lower variability when adjusted for partial saturation of glucose transport

Model Tumor cell line/mouse strain Tissue of origin Number of mice Number of scans
A BT474MI in beige-scid nude Breast 44 76
B HCT116 in athymic nude Colon 124 339
C PC3 in athymic nude Prostate 48 116
D FaDu in C.B.-17 scid Pharynx 20 50
E H292 in C.B.-17 scid Lung 20 40
F H596 in huHGF transgenics Lung 46 81
G 537-MEL in athymic nude Skin 35 52
H A2058 in athymic nude Skin 144 236
I A375 in athymic nude Skin 40 75
J Colo205 in athymic nude Colon 24 58
K H2122 in athymic nude Lung 40 69
  Total   585 1,192