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Figure 4

From: Advanced brain dopamine transporter imaging in mice using small-animal SPECT/CT

Figure 4

Kinetics experiment data. Mice (n = 8) received 34 to 41 MBq of 123I-β-CIT. At the early time points (from 20 min to 2 h 30 min) post-tracer injection, the data were acquired dynamically with a scanning length of 15 min (angular step 15°, 24 projections, 150 s per gantry position). At the late time points (at 4 h and 7 h), the scanning length was 25 min (angular step 15°, 24 projections, 250 s per gantry position). The data were acquired in a 128 × 128 matrix with pixel size and a slice thickness of 0.2 mm. In all, 11 time points were imaged (a). Time-activity curves were obtained from the kinetic data by manually delineating the VOI (b). At each time point, the VOIs were drawn over specific (striatal) and nonspecific (cerebellar) brain structures, and the mean counts in these two areas were measured against time. Specific-to-nonspecific BP was calculated (c).

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