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Table 1 Patient data, including age, sex, type of tumor, location of metastases, and earlier treatments

From: Estimation of absorbed dose to the kidneys in patients after treatment with 177Lu-octreotate: comparison between methods based on planar scintigraphy

Patient number Age (years) at first treatment cycle Sex Tumor type Metastases Earlier treatments
1 61 M Rectal carcinoid Abd, local, Sk Y, Mayo
2 56 M MC Abd N
3 39 F EPT Li Y
4 59 F EPT Li, Sk Y
5, one kidney 36 M ICT Retroper Y
6 65 M LC Pl, Br Y
7 53 M EPT Li, Pa Y
8, Li transpl 67 M Gluc Li, Sk Y, Mayo
9, Li transpl 57 F Ins Abd N
10, Li transpl 46 F MC Sk (arm) N
11 54 M EPT Abd Y, Mayo
12 49 F MC Abd, Sk N
13 54 F Duodenal carcinoma/gastrinoma Abd, Li N
14 72 M MC Li, Abd, Th N
15, Li transpl 46 F Gastrinoma Li, Abd Y, Mayo
16 55 M EPT Li Y
17 66 M MC Li Sk N
18 69 M Carcinoid Li, Abd, Th N
19 68 F Carcinoid Li N
20 41 M Carcinoid/tailgut cyst Li, Sk N
21 77 F MC Abd, Th N
22 61 M MC Li, Abd, Th N
23 64 F Rectal carcinoid Li Y (ovarian carcinoma > 20 years ago)
24 65 M EPT Li, Pa N
25 57 M MC Abd, Li, Supraclav N
26 63 M Rectal carcinoid Li, Sk N
27 71 M Rectal carcinoid Abd, Li, Sk N
28 78 F Carcinoid, unknown primary Li, Abd, Pelvis N
29 56 M MC Li, Abd N
30 65 M MC Retroper, Orb, Med N
31 78 F MC Abd, Li N
32 75 M MC Li, Sk N
33 79 F MC Li, Sk N
  1. MC, midgut carcinoid; EPT, endocrine pancreatic tumor; ICT, islet cell tumor; LC, lung carcinoid; Gluc, glucagonoma; Abd, abdomen; Sk, skeleton; Li, liver; Pl, pleura; Br, brain; Pa, pancreas; Th, thorax; Med, mediastinum; Retroper, retroperitoneum; Supraclav, supraclavicular lymph nodes; Orb, orbita; Ins, insulinoma; Mayo, chemotherapy according to the Mayo Clinic program; transpl, transplant; F, female; M, male.