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Figure 3

From: Anaesthesia and physiological monitoring during in vivo imaging of laboratory rodents: considerations on experimental outcomes and animal welfare

Figure 3

Changes in arterial O 2 saturation and PO 2 and examples of whole pattern activation. (a) Changes in arterial O2 saturation and PO2 under different O2 gas concentrations during anaesthesia. These parameters can affect the BOLD response during MRI; therefore, it is important to monitor blood gas levels during such functional MRI studies [54]. (b c) Example of whole pattern activation in a rat brain erratically induced by too deep isoflurane anaesthesia. Such a ‘bad’ activation pattern in the whole brain (c) would mask any specific activation due to a pharmacological and/or sensorial stimulus, and in this case, the time course shows (b) a general decline in signal, and no effect of the challenge is visible.

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