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Figure 2

From: Comparative gallium-68 labeling of TRAP-, NOTA-, and DOTA-peptides: practical consequences for the future of gallium-68-PET

Figure 2

Radiochemical yields and corresponding calculated minimal A S of radiopharmaceutical formulations. Radiochemical yields (solid lines, %, mean ± SD, n ≥ 4) and corresponding calculated minimal A S (dashed lines, GBq/μmol, mean ± SD) of the formulations at typical time of injection (30 min after the start of synthesis) as functions of precursor amount for automated 68Ga labeling of TRAP(RGD)3 (T), NODAGA-RGD (N), and DOTATOC (D). A S for TRAP(RGD)3 concentrations > 1 nmol are not shown for clarity of presentation.

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