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Figure 3

From: Evaluation of 18F-nifene binding to α4β2 nicotinic receptors in the rat brain using microPET imaging

Figure 3

Blood and brain metabolite analysis in rats postadministration of intravenous 18 F-nifene. (A) Blood plasma collected at different time points (5, 15, 60, and 90 min) and compared to 18F-nifene standard on TLC. A polar metabolite is seen, but the predominant radioactive species is 18F-nifene. (B) Analysis of TLC in (A) indicates 42% of 18F-nifene (blue) remaining at 90 min with little polar metabolites (red) remaining in the plasma. (C) Ex vivo rat brain was dissected into two hemispheres--the left hemisphere was cut into 40-μm thick sagittal brain sections and were scanned to reveal brain areas. (D) Binding of 18F-nifene in the thalamus (TH), cortex (COR), and least binding in the cerebellum (CB) was observed. (E) RadioTLC of 18F-nifene standard with 9:1 CH2Cl2:CH3OH. (F) RadioTLC of brain extracts with 9:1 CH2Cl2:CH3OH showing the presence of 18F-nifene.

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