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Figure 8

From: P-glycoprotein at the blood-brain barrier: kinetic modeling of 11C-desmethylloperamide in mice using a 18F-FDG μPET scan to determine the input function

Figure 8

Schematic representation of different methods to determine the rate constants obtained from one-tissue compartment model. (A) Rate constants K 1 and k 2, obtained from one-tissue compartment model with all scan data incorporated. K 1 represents the passive influx, while k 2 is a combination of active and passive efflux. (B) shows rate constants obtained from a one-tissue compartment model with only the first 2 min of the scan data. Pseudo K 1 is defined as a combination of the passive influx and active efflux, but k 2 only represents passive efflux. C, concentration of 11C-dLop.

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