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Table 3 Biphasic analysis of blood pharmacokinetics of 111In- CHX-A"-panitumumab following i

From: In vitro and in vivo pre-clinical analysis of a F(ab')2 fragment of panitumumab for molecular imaging and therapy of HER1-positive cancers

Tumor site Injection route Blood clearance
   α a (h) β (h) r 2
None i.v. 1.2 18.6 0.996
s.c. i.v. 0.6 10.4 0.998
None i.p. - 19.3 0.98
i.p. i.p. - 24.9 0.917
  1. aNon-tumor bearing mice or mice bearing s.c. or i.p. LS-174T xenografts were injected by intravenous or intraperitoneal injection with approximately 7.5 μCi of 111In- CHX-A"-panitumumab F(ab')2. Blood samples (10 μL) were drawn over a 1-week period and measured in a γ-counter. The percentage of injected dose per milliliter plotted and the T1/2α- and T1/2β-phase values calculated using SigmaPlot 9.