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Figure 6

From: In vitro and in vivo pre-clinical analysis of a F(ab')2 fragment of panitumumab for molecular imaging and therapy of HER1-positive cancers

Figure 6

Tumor and normal organ distribution of 111 In-CHX-A"-panitumumab F(ab') 2 in mice ( n = 5) bearing i.p. LS-174T tumor xenografts were injected i.v. (a) or i.p. (b) with 111 In-CHX-A"-panitumumab F(ab') 2 (approximately 7.5 μCi). Mice were euthanized at the indicated times, blood, tumor, and organs were harvested, wet-weighed, and the radioactivity measured. The percentage of injected dose per gram with the standard deviations is plotted.

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