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Table 2 Time-integrated activity coefficients in hours (h)

From: Biodistribution and dosimetry of the GluN2B-specific NMDA receptor PET radioligand (R)-[11C]Me-NB1

Organs mean (male) sd (male) mean (female) sd (female)
Brain 2.68E-02 2.22E-04 3.15E-02 1.98E-03
Heart wall 6.62E-03 3.12E-04 6.93E-03 2.38E-04
Kidneys 1.02E-02 1.08E-03 1.14E-02 7.70E-04
Liver 6.16E-02 4.17E-03 4.37E-02 2.42E-03
Lungs 1.64E-02 1.19E-03 2.05E-02 6.18E-03
Pancreas 6.58E-03 5.11E-04 9.24E-03 8.52E-04
Bone marrow 1.79E-02 5.03E-03 1.50E-02 3.73E-03
Spleen 5.25E-03 4.81E-04 6.23E-03 5.10E-04
Stomach 5.58E-03 3.02E-03 1.08E-02 1.50E-03
Thyroid 4.56E-04 1.08E-04 5.21E-04 4.50E-05
Urinary bladder 7.54E-02 5.84E-02 2.43E-02 3.98E-03
Total remainder 2.57E-01 6.74E-02 3.10E-01 3.37E-03
  1. Average time-integrated activity coefficients in hours (TIAC; h) of all delineated ROIs of male and female subjects