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Table 3 Magnetic nanoparticles in melanoma theranostics

From: Magnetic nanoparticles in theranostics of malignant melanoma

Nanoparticles   Method Mode of action Refs
Intrinsic properties Magnetic core Magnetic hyperthermia Induction of apoptosis [106]
Impaired cell differentiation and proliferation due to protein alteration [107110]
Irreversible cell damage [68, 69]
Immunostimulation [45, 116, 117]
Photothermal therapy [121124]
Magneto-mechanical effects Cell damage, apoptosis induction [128130]
Damage of neovasculature [131]
Magnetoporation, magnetolysis [132, 133]
Localized magnetic field Drug release [134138, 141144]
Nanozyme Induction of ferroptosis [145150]
Extrinsic properties Coating with attachments Release of chemotherapeutic agents Cytotoxicity, apoptosis [152158]
Immunoadjuvants Immunostimulation [159, 165]
Tumor-targeting molecules   [143169]
Labels for imaging Diagnostics [172175]