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Table 3 Variability and reliability of test-retest parameters from 10 healthy volunteers after injection of [18F]LSN3316612

From: PET quantification of brain O-GlcNAcase with [18F]LSN3316612 in healthy human volunteers

ParameteraSourceTestbRetestbTRV (%)aTRV (%)ICC
VTBrain and plasma13.7 (19.2)15.3 (19.6)11.312.50.64
AUC150–180Brain102.2 (16.3)103.6 (11.9)
AUC/CP150–180Brain and plasma654.1 (46.2)661.1 (19.7)6.531.90.18
Plasma parent
Plasma105.9 (20.3)96.0 (20.3)− 9.712.30.69
Brain1428.2 (23.3)1445.5 (20.6)1.613.30.78
  1. TRV test-retest variability, aTRV absolute test-retest variability, ICC intraclass correlation coefficient, VT total distribution volume, AUC area under the curve, TAC time-activity curve
  2. aThe measured parameters were VT total distribution volume (mL·cm−3); AUC150–180 area under the curve of brain TAC of 150–180 min; AUC/CP150–180 normalized AUC150–180 to mean parent radioactivity concentration in arterial plasma; AUC0–∞ area under the curve estimated from 0 min to infinity
  3. bData are presented as mean with coefficient of variation (%) in parentheses