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Table 1 FDG uptake data in ALS patients and control subjects

From: Spinal cord hypermetabolism extends to skeletal muscle in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: a computational approach to [18F]-fluorodeoxyglucose PET/CT images

  AverageSDMedianFirst quartileThird quartileIQRp value
Spinal cord N-SUVALS patients0.760.20.740.590.860.27p < 0.05
Control subjects0.660.120.650.590.790.20
Cervical spinal cord N-SUVALS patients0.960.30.940.741.150.41p < 0.01
Control subjects0.730.20.700.640.960.32
Dorsal spinal cord N-SUVALS patients0.690.220.650.530.790.26p = ns
Control subjects0.640.110.660.250.400.15
Brodmann Area 4ALS patients5.591.35.034.756.481.73p < 0.01
Control subjects6.670.
Whole brain cortexALS patients5. < 0.01
Control subjects5.950.25.985.646.410.77
Psoas muscleALS patients0.450.190.430.360.550.19p < 0.01
Control subjects0.