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Table 4 Agreement between PSMA-PET/CT, γ-probe, germanium detector and histopathology in 267 subregions

From: Results from extended lymphadenectomies with [111In]PSMA-617 for intraoperative detection of PSMA-PET/CT-positive nodal metastatic prostate cancer

Subregions with tissue samples (n = 267*)HistopathologySensitivity (%)Specificity (%)PPV (%)NPV (%)
PSMA-PET/CT findingsPositive83579.896.994.388.3
γ-probe [CPSnorm]Positive64662.196.391.480.2
Germanium detector [% IAlbm]§Positive74571.296.993.784.0
  1. Exclusion of 8/275 subregions because a follow-up PSMA-PET/CT showed the persistence or progression of the PET-positive lesion(s) indicating that the LN(s) had not been removed at surgery
  2. PPV positive predictive value, NPV negative predictive value
  3. A PSMA-PET-positive lesion was defined as focal tracer accumulation greater than normal or physiological local background activity
  4. Cut-off used > 23 counts per second, decay corrected to 48 h and normalised to injected activity megabecquerel per kilogram lean body mass
  5. §Cut-off used > 0.276 tracer uptake (percent injected activity per kilogram lean body mass)