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Table 5 p values of the pairwise comparison of the lesion detectability within the 2 MBq/kg group and the 4 MBq/kg group for all sets of reconstructed images. p values < 0.05 were considered statistically significant

From: Optimization of PET protocol and interrater reliability of 18F-PSMA-11 imaging of prostate cancer

 T60, 1.5 min/bpT60, 3 min/bpT180, 1.5 min/bp
Detection of suspicious lesions 2 MBq/kg
 T60, 3 min/bp10.0063
 T180, 1.5 min/bp0.00630.0063
 T180, 3 min/bp110.0063
Detection of suspicious lesions 4 MBq/kg
 T60, 3 min/bp1.000.17
 T180, 1.5 min/bp0.170.17
 T180, 3 min/bp0.210.211.00
  1. bp = bed position