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Table 1 Estimated individual organ dosimetry (mSv/MBq) for [67Ga]Ga-DOTA-GSAO

From: Biodistribution and imaging of an hsp90 ligand labelled with 111In and 67Ga for imaging of cell death

Target organAlphaBetaPhotonTotalED
Adrenals0.00E0001.23E− 031.22E− 021.34E− 023.36E− 05
Brain0.00E0005.42E− 058.80E− 049.34E− 042.34E− 06
Breasts0.00E0001.23E− 031.97E− 033.20E− 031.60E− 04
Gallbladder wall0.00E0001.23E− 031.13E− 021.25E− 020.00E000
Lower large intestine wall0.00E0009.13E− 037.19E− 031.63E− 021.96E− 03
Small intestine0.00E0009.44E− 038.18E− 031.76E− 024.40E− 05
Stomach wall0.00E0002.56E− 036.84E− 039.40E− 031.13E− 03
Upper large intestine wall0.00E0001.23E− 038.09E− 039.32E− 032.33E− 05
Heart wall0.00E0004.42E− 044.27E− 034.71E− 030.00E000
Kidneys0.00E0001.58E− 015.43E− 022.12E− 015.31E− 03
Liver0.00E0001.17E− 021.35E− 022.52E− 021.26E− 03
Lungs0.00E0006.55E− 043.69E− 034.34E− 035.21E− 04
Muscle0.00E0001.23E− 033.89E− 035.12E− 031.28E− 05
Ovaries0.00E0001.23E− 036.82E− 038.06E− 030.00E000
Pancreas0.00E0006.38E− 031.15E− 021.79E− 024.48E− 05
Red marrow0.00E0001.07E− 034.91E− 035.98E− 037.18E− 04
Osteogenic cells0.00E0009.15E− 036.15E− 031.53E− 021.53E− 04
Skin0.00E0001.23E− 031.99E− 033.23E− 033.23E− 05
Spleen0.00E0001.31E− 021.39E− 022.70E− 026.75E− 05
Testes0.00E0005.14E− 033.71E− 038.85E− 031.77E− 03
Thymus0.00E0001.23E− 032.72E− 033.95E− 039.88E− 06
Thyroid0.00E0001.23E− 032.38E− 033.61E− 031.80E− 04
Urinary bladder wall0.00E0002.53E− 021.46E− 023.99E− 022.00E− 03
Uterus0.00E0001.23E− 037.78E− 039.01E− 032.25E− 05
Total body0.00E0002.35E− 034.43E− 036.77E− 030.00E000
  1. ED effective dose