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Table 3 Pharmacokinetic parameters of 18F-deoxy-thiamine in ICR mice (n = 5)

From: A novel PET tracer 18F-deoxy-thiamine: synthesis, metabolic kinetics, and evaluation on cerebral thiamine metabolism status

Parameters (units) Values
Tmax (s) 0–10
Cmax (IA%/g) 18.12 ± 2.20a
VD1 (g) 3.058
CL1 (g/min) 2.674
VD2 (g) 19.308
CL2 (g/min) 20.162
t1/2(α) (min) 0.082
t1/2(β) (min) 6.379
AUC0–60 min (%IA/g * min) 37.313
AUC0–inf (%IA/g * min) 37.399
k10 (min−1)b 0.874
k12 (min−1)b 6.593
k21 (min−1)b 1.044
  1. aData were expressed as mean ± SEM
  2. bK10, elimination rate constant; K12, elimination rate constant from central compartment to peripheral compartment; K21, elimination rate constant from peripheral compartment to central compartment