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Table 1 Phase I and phase II metabolism of the radiotracer

From: Dealing with PET radiometabolites

Phase I metabolism Phase II metabolism
Process Substrate Product Process Substrate Product
Oxidation Aromatic compounds
Aliphatic compounds
Aromatic ethers
Aromatic amine
Tertiary Amine
Hydroxylated compound
Alcohol, aldehyde, ketones, acids
Phenols and Aliphatic aldehydes
Hydroxyamino compound
Glucuronidation Alcohol or phenol derivatives of the radiotracers and glucuronic acid Conjugated Ester
Reduction Aldehydes, ketones
Carbon–carbon double bond
Nitro group
Corresponding saturated compounds
Corresponding amine
Sulphonation Alcohol and phenol derivatives of the radiotracers and its metabolites Conjugated product
Hydrolysis Ester, amide Acid Acetylation Aliphatic or aromatic amine Amides