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Table 4 Mouse dosimetry of [177Lu]Lu-1C1m-Fc. These estimates come from mouse TIACs calculated from source organ time-activity curves

From: 177Lu radiolabeling and preclinical theranostic study of 1C1m-Fc: an anti-TEM-1 scFv-Fc fusion protein in soft tissue sarcoma

Source organ Mouse average organ mass (g) Average TIAC (MBq·h/MBq) Absorbed dose (mGy/MBq)
Tumor SK-N-AS 0.16 3.91 1.82E+03
Liver 1.28 30.42 2.23E+03
Kidneys 0.33 2.04 7.05E+02
Lung 0.15 0.71 5.39E+02
Spleen 0.09 1.12 1.20E+03
Heart 0.20 0.33 3.63E+02
Stomach 0.10 0.55 1.15E+03
Small intestine 1.38 2.73 4.38E+02
Colon 0.87 1.74 3.28E+02
Bladder 0.10 0.13 3.16E+02
Uterus* 0.08 1.66 1.5 E+03
Total body 20.19 98.78 4.25E+02
  1. *The uterus is not part of the source/target organ in the murine model of the OLINDA/EXM 2.1 software. Specific dosimetry was obtained with the sphere model of the OLINDA/EXM 2.1 where the organ-specific average mass and TIAC were applied