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Table 1 Details of module set-up for automated [18F]MC225 production with a CFN-MPS200 multipurpose synthesizer

From: Automated synthesis, preclinical toxicity, and radiation dosimetry of [18F]MC225 for clinical use: a tracer for measuring P-glycoprotein function at the blood-brain barrier

Vial/component Reagent
18O-water V-vial Empty
18O-water recovery vial Empty
R1 40 mM K2CO3 0.5 mL + 15 mg K.222 in dry 2 mL MeCN
R2 1 mL dry MeCN
R3 20 mg 2-Bromoethyl tosylate in 1 mL o-DCB
R4 1mL water + 1 mL HPLC eluent
RV1 Empty
RV2 2 mg MC226 + 3 mg NaH + 0.5 mL DMF
QMA Conditioned QMA
HPLC separation unit
HPLC solvent MeCN/50 mM AcONH4 sol. = 80/20 (500 mL)
HPLC column Agilent Eclipse XDB-C18
Reservoir Empty
Liq. Waste 1 Empty
Liq. Waste 2 Empty
SPE formulation unit
sR1 10 mL water for injection
sR2 1.4 mL EtOH
sR3 1 mL ascorbate injection + 100 mL water for injection
Liq. Waste Empty
Formulation vial 15 mL ascorbate injection/polysorbate 80/Sterile saline = 0.5/0.1/20
Product vial Empty
tC18 Conditioned tC18
Sterile Filter 0.22 μm Millex GV