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Table 3 Effective dose estimates

From: Human biodistribution and internal dosimetry of 4-[ 18F]fluorobenzyl-dexetimide: a PET radiopharmaceutical for imaging muscarinic acetylcholine receptors in the brain and heart

 Effective dose (μSv/MBq)
 Sample meanSample 95% CIRange
Male17.820.9617.13, 18.51
Female20.962.9718.91, 24.66
All subjects19.702.2717.13, 24.66
  1. Female subject effective doses: 19.30, 18.91, 24.66 μSv/MBq
  2. Male subject effective doses: 17.13, 18.51 μSv/MBq
  3. Effective doses calculated using ICRP 103 tissue weighting factors and each individual subjects biokinetic uptake data